Activities at Bambi Lake

Relaxing - With 240 acres of property, there is plenty of areas to just find your own way to relax.

Booyah Water Slide - Added to the waterfront for the summer of 2018, it is fun for all ages.

Camping - Our campground has 25 sites to accommodate most all camping styles.

Boating - There are a few paddle boats and row boat available to use on Bambi Lake.

Canoeing - We have canoes to use on Bambi Lake and we are just minutes from the famous AuSable River and all it’s branches that have canoe rental liveries.

Kayaking - We also have a few kayaks for enjoying on Bambi Lake too. The area canoe liveries also rent kayaks on the AuSable River.

Swimming - Our waterfront area is constantly be upgraded and by next season will hopefully have a different dock arrangement and possibly some other improvements as well.

Glamping - New for the summer of 2019, we opened four small semi rustic mini cabins.

Fishing - Bambi Lake has bass, blue gill, and crappie for anglers of all ages. There is also a mystery fish that a few people have observed but not identified as yet.

Birding - We have a large and diversified population of birds that each have their own distinct song.

Human Foosball - Yes, human foosball…. Great for youth groups to work together as a team to compete against other youth groups or adult groups to challenge other adult groups.

9 Hole Putt Putt Golf - The course never plays the same twice…!! There always seems to be a few extra hazards to contend with, wether they are pine needles, branches, leaves, or even chipmunks.

Basketball - There is an outside court a short distance from the waterfront area and then an indoor court closer to the campground inside our metal quonset style gym.

Beach Volleyball - The court is right at the waterfront area and Booyah water slide.

Shooting Range - Our range is under development yet. Currently it allows for handgun practice and intermediate distant rifle practice. There is a covered shooting line area that has a rest rail to shoot from. This area is located well away from all of our other activities on the property

Tubing Hill - Monster hill is a dual run tubing hill that ends up at the edge of lake, unless the conditions are right to get across to the campground dock.

Ga-ga Ball - The pit is located a short distance from the waterfront, human foosball, and Pinegrove.

Camp Fires - Most of the campground sites have a fire pit for fires. There is also a large field stone fire pit in the pavilion at the campground. Two amphitheater areas also have fire pits, one is close to the lake shore and the other is in a bowl area in the woods.

Hiking - We have a number of trails thru the property that are available for hiking.

Archery - New for the summer of 2019, we have all the equipment to allow shooters of all ages to learn and enjoy the sport.

Trail Access for ATV, ORV, and Snowmobile - One of the main DNR trails is actually literally right off the corner of our property corner. The trail is also easily accessible from the campground by following the seasonal road to where the trail crosses it.