Join our Summer Missionary Team!

The Bambi Lake Summer Internship exists to provide an opportunity for ministry minded individuals to glorify God through serving others. Over the summer, you will serve alongside staff and other summer missionaries to help with areas around camp, which can include ground maintenance, housekeeping, kitchen duties and other needs around camp.

More importantly you will have the opportunity to be a witness for Christ to those that come to Bambi Lake. You will grow in your knowledge and spiritual walk with Christ through a weekly Bible Study and personal discipleship with the team leader. You will walk away with an experience that will further shape your God given gifts and talents in order to use them for God’s intended purposes.

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Summer Interns FAQ

What do Summer Interns do?
Summer Interns serve guests at Bambi Lake by assisting on the waterfront, in the cafeteria, housekeeping and other duties assigned by Bambi supervisors. They might help with landscaping and maintenance projects, work in the snack shop, and lead and resource activities. Although there are many daily tasks that must be done, and projects that are ongoing, the Bambi Lake staff will endeavor to place interns in areas of service according to interests and giftedness to help them develop skills and experience that will help them in their career path.

Do Summer Interns lead conferences or work with children?
Summer Interns are serving in ministry and may be involved in leading small group activities, and will be in contact with children and youth in the cafeteria, shops and recreation areas. They must be able to observe children and keep their safety in mind. Summer Interns have permission to intervene with an attitude of patience and kindness if they observe a young guest disobeying rules, damaging Bambi resources, or endangering their own safety or that of another guest.

Can I go home to visit my family on the weekends? Can they come visit me?
Summer events are scheduled for both weekdays and weekends. Please consult the camp director for these requests.

How much do I get paid?
Summer Interns receive $150 for every week of service. Realizing that housing and meals are covered adds value to the amount of pay.

What about meals?
Summer Interns have their meals covered during and after events in the dining room. When Summer Interns are off-campus with the staff, meals will be purchased for them. Summer Interns are responsible for buying their own snacks, treats from the snack shop or personal items.

Where will I go to Church?
We believe spiritual growth is a critical component of the Summer Interns program. The staff at Bambi Lake will invite the interns to worship at the churches where they attend. However, they also may be asked to speak at other churches in area associations.

Can I Drive my Car? Does Bambi Lake provide vehicles for Summer Missionaries to use?
If you have a valid Michigan Driver's License and your own vehicle, you can bring it and drive it. Only Bambi Lake staff are allowed to drive Bambi's vehicles.

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, fill out our application to get started on your journey to becoming a Bambi Lake Intern.